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Henley Royal Regatta - On the water

The club has a long history of racing at Henley Royal Regatta although we are yet to achieve an outright win. Even qualifying for the event is a huge achievement for a club of our size and we are very proud of all the crews who have completed in our green and gold colours. 

Henley Royal Regatta - On the bank

Henley Royal Regatta is as much about the social occasion as it is about the racing. It is an opportunity for old members and new to enjoy the premier rowing event in the UK. In 2014 the club introduced the 'President's Picnic' held on Butler's Field on the Saturday of the Regatta as an opportunity for old and new members to meet up and enjoy a superb picnic hosted by our club president. If you have not attended the picnic before but would like more information please contact our club president here

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